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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do provide 1 month free trial for all our products.

How it will help me as a seller?

Gain access to our platform and quickly identify discrepancies in your orders, including overcharging for commission and shipping. Our solution streamlines the process, delivering actionable insights and saving you valuable time and resources

How you automate Reconciliation process?

Our innovative technology automates your reconciliation process, ensuring transparency and uniformity. With end-to-end claim tracking, our solution saves you time and effort while enhancing accuracy

How the reports will look like?

Our reports provide insights on product performance and return rates, presented in a user-friendly format. With intuitive pie charts, users can easily visualize data and identify trends for informed decision-making.

Our Products

Invi Recon

Invi Recon enhances e-commerce operations by automating key financial tasks, boosts accuracy and efficiency in handling transactions and returns

Payment Reconciliation: Streamlines the matching of payments received to orders processed, minimizing financial discrepancies and boosting revenue

Returns and Claims Management: Automates the identification and processing of returns lost in transit, claims management and recover revenues ensuring quick resolution and customer satisfaction

Business Profitability: Provides detailed SKU-level profitability insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their product offerings for maximum profit

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Invi OMS revolutionizes order management by integrating essential operational facets into a single, efficient platform, enhancing both productivity and customer engagement

Centralized Order Management: Manages all orders across different platforms from a single interface, simplifying operations.

Omnichannel Inventory Control: Provides real-time tracking of inventory levels across multiple channels, ensuring accuracy and timely updates across all sales channels.

Analytics and Reporting: Delivers detailed insights into sales performance, inventory turnover, and customer preferences to inform better business decisions.

Invi Post

Simplify your feedback collection with Invi Post. Our automated system effortlessly sends out review requests, ensuring you consistently receive valuable customer insights. This boosts your online presence and credibility, attracting more customers and enhancing your business growth

Business Profitability Reports

Invi empowers sellers to analyze business profitability by providing an overview of all products sold within a given period. This report identifies both profitable and loss-making products, enabling informed decision-making for strategic growth. With Invi, you can easily identify areas for improvement and optimize your product portfolio for greater profitability.

InviPost - Reputation Management Tool for Amazon

InviPost is an automated review tool that requests customer reviews for your Amazon orders, boosting sales and enhancing product value. With InviPost, you can save time, effort, and money by automatically sending review requests to buyers, improving your online reputation and driving sales growth.

What Our Customers Say

“I really like the insights and services provided by Invictus. Account manager is very helpful and understands the business and give valueable suggestions. Kudos to team Invictus”
Atomberg Technologies
“Excellent services. Reconciliation reports are very accurate and cost friendly. Would highly reccomend them ”
"Very helpful tool for recording returns. Auto raise SPF feature has made our processes very easy”
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