Returns & Claims Management

Are you tired of handling returns and claims with no proper system in place? Do you want to streamline your e-commerce business operations for a better customer experience? Look no further because Invi has got your back! With its effective returns and claims management features, Invi can help optimize your customer service process, boost retention rates, and increase profitability. Let’s dive into the world of efficient e-commerce management with Invi!

The Invi Returns & Claims Management Tool is designed to simplify and streamline the e-commerce returns and claims process for e-commerce businesses. The tool provides a  The Invi Returns & Claims Management Tool also gives businesses the ability to manage returns and claims from a single dashboard, including viewing return, raising and tracking claims. Utilizing the Invi Returns & Claims Management Tool can help save time and money by reducing the number of customer service inquiries related to returns and claims, while also providing a better customer experience


  • End to End Returns TrackingInvi’s Returns Management Tool is the perfect solution for e-commerce businesses that need to keep track of all their returns. With this tool, you can easily see which products have been returned and which returns are pending. Each return is tracked from beginning to end, so you can see exactly where it is in the process and when it will be completed. This makes it easy to identify any potential problems or areas of improvement in your return process.
  • Automatically Raise Claims:Invi automates the claims process for all your missing and damaged returns, making it easy and effective for you to manage your e-commerce business. By using Invi, you can quickly submit claims for all your damaged or missing items, track the status of your claim, and receive compensation for your losses. In addition, Invi provides you with detailed reports of your return activity, so you can see where your e-commerce business needs improvement.
  • Mobile App Enabled: Invi’s mobile app makes it easy to manage your returns by scanning all the returns received and raise claims directly from the App for damaged and wrong products by clicking photos of the products and leave the rest to Invi. Our software will automatically upload all claims and track them till you have received your reimbursements. 


Invi’s Returns & Claims Management Tool is a great way to streamline your e-commerce business operations and take the hassle out of managing returns and claims. With this tool, you can easily manage returns and claims with just a few clicks. And best of all, it integrates seamlessly with other popular e-commerce software systems, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues or data migration. Streamlining your business operations has never been easier – try Invi today!

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do provide 1 month free trail for one of our tool Label Cropper.

How it will help me as a seller?

We will provide you with access of our platform which will allow you to detect all the discrepancies with the order regarding overcharging, whether it is commission or shipping.

How you automate Flipkart Reconciliation process?

We have built a custom-built technology that will automate your flipkart reconciliation process. It will be a dedicated software that will ensure transparency and uniformity.

How the reports will look like?

Our reports consist of the data on which products are performing well and which have a high percentage of returns. We also provide the data most intuitively; Users can see the bifurcation of data in the form of a pie chart.

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