InviPost – Reputation Management Tool for Amazon

The Challenge: Navigating Amazon’s complex landscape can be daunting. Sellers often struggle with managing their online reputation, responding to customer feedback effectively, and protecting their listings from being hijacked. These challenges can significantly impact a seller’s credibility and customer trust.

The Solution: InviPost simplifies your reputation management on Amazon. By automating review requests and feedback monitoring, InviPost helps you maintain a positive image effortlessly. Enhance your customer engagement and protect your brand with our user-friendly tool designed for busy sellers.

Key Features


  • Automated Review Management: Automatically request and track Amazon reviews, making it easy to maintain a stellar online reputation.

  • Custom Templates: Tailor communication with customers using predefined templates for various interactions, ensuring consistency and professionalism.

  • Proactive Listing Protection: Monitor and protect your listings from unauthorized sellers and hijacking, securing your brand’s integrity on Amazon.

Supported Countries

Frequently asked questions

How does InviPost enhance my Amazon feedback and reviews?

InviPost automates sending emails to all your buyers, requesting product reviews or seller feedback. This is crucial because while more than 95% of Amazon customers typically don’t leave feedback, those with negative experiences are more likely to do so. By proactively engaging satisfied customers, InviPost increases the likelihood of positive reviews, improving your Amazon rating and balancing out any negative feedback.

Does InviPost work with international Amazon markets? ​

Yes, InviPost is compatible with Amazon India, UK, USA, Canada and Australia, helping sellers manage their reputation globally.

Can InviPost handle negative reviews?

InviPost can alert sellers to negative reviews, allowing you to respond quickly to address customer concerns.

Is communication through InviPost complaint with Amazon policies?

InviPost's actions comply with Amazon’s guidelines. It automates Amazon’s Request a Review button, sending feedback requests that align with official Amazon requests. These are fully compliant with Amazon's policies and automatically translate into the buyer’s language. Customized messages are also supported, provided they adhere to Amazon's Buyer-Seller Messaging TOS

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